Ever wonder how you could grow your business with 1 simple adjustment?


    imagine it.

Let us paint a picture. 

Real Impact.    


Our butlers serve as an extension of your business and are with you every step of the way.  Your dedicated butler will serve as your receptionist to answer your calls, return messages, and schedule your appointments based on your ideal schedule. 

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No More Ringing

Your Butler answers your calls so that you can do what you do best. No longer will you spend your day distracted by the phone.

No More Missed Opportunities 

Your Butler stands by to answer the phone when it rings.  Never worry about missing inbound opportunities again. 

No More No Shows

Your Butler sends out reminders for appointments and confirms them prior to the appointment time. 

No More Angry Customers

Your Butler will be an expert at managing your schedule as well as your client's expectations.  Even when you're running late, you don't have to stop what you are doing to call every customer thereafter. Your Butler communicates with each of your clients to ensure you can get back on schedule.

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"Schedule Butler has  given me my life back and allows me to do the things I actually want to do in my business."

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Dedicated for Your Business - You will have a Butler assigned to your business.  When your phone rings, your customers will always hear the same voice. This personal touch will be with you each step of the way.

More Repeat Business – Your Butler will not only handle your calls and schedule but also communicate with your customers after appointments.  Happy customers who are reminded they are happy are twice as likely to refer new business.

Google Reviews – Your Butler will ask for and show your customers how to leave 5 Star reviews on your Google business page.  If you do not have a Google business page, your Butler will help you leverage this search tool (among others), to help increase your revenue potential.

Online Schedule Dashboard – Your Butler will set up and manage your online schedule dashboard, where customers will be able to schedule appointments with you 24 hrs a day.

Our Process


We Start Right Away

  • Your Butler gets to know your business and you get to know your Butler's communication style.
  • Your first step is to take an initial survey so that your Butler knows exactly what you prefer.
  • We will cover items such as your preferred weekly schedule for availability, average job duration, call volume per week, and other important details.
  • We will review your model, your leading questions, and identify any scripts your Butler should memorize and use with your customers. 
  • You begin forwarding your phone to your Butler and can immediately begin receiving your schedule through the Schedule Butler dashboard.


We Make the Adjustments

  • A learning curve is expected. Anything you experience that you would like adjust, we'll make the adjustments.  Communicate these types of requests to your Butler and you'll find that we welcome your feedback.
  • Your Butler updates you as often as you like until you are confident they are ready to manage your schedule efficiently and the way you prefer.
  • We schedule periodic one-on-one calls with your Butler to discuss what's working well but also welcome you to call your Butler anytime to make sure things are perfectly on track.


We Go the Extra Mile 

  • We expect our Butlers to ingrain themselves into your business. Your Butler will be irreplaceable to your business and we expect you'll feel as though you couldn't imagine doing business without them.
  • We hold our Butlers to the highest standards and incentivize them with items that align only with your business growth.
  • Other similar services boast that they do not use computer answering services.  At Schedule Butler, there's not a call center in sight.  Only the finest business focused individuals who know how to help you grow your future into something much larger.